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Visual Studio 2012

Over the last few days I’ve been coding away with several ORMS and code generators trying to find me one which I am comfortable with. Here is what I learn Not all ORMs are perfect! SubSonic Telerik OpenAccess ...


First entry in a new neighbourhood . Whether it be cheating or whatever I’m giving Windows Live Writer a try as an editor interface for this new blog. In the process I’ll also give these plug-ins a try: ...


There are two new SVN packages for Windows: Ankh SVN 1.2.10129 - Tortoise SVN 1.6.14 If you are using SVN for source ...


Hey guys, I am living in the CeBIT's hometown, the beautiful city Hanover. So I am visiting this exhibition since 2002 and I've seen a lot of changes during all this time. But this time, it was the most ...